Guildford, Surrey


I teach private guitar lessons both in-person and Skype lessons worldwide! Acoustic and electric guitar in rock and pop styles.

Skype/Zoom lessons

I am now offering lessons over Skype! This will be very convenient, since I can teach you no matter where you are in the world and from the comfort of your own home. The only requirements are that:

  • You speak English (while I do know some Spanish, I’m afraid English is the only language I’m fluent in!)
  • You have a good internet connection (at least 3 mbps)
  • You have a working webcam/microphone (please test these before your lesson)
  • You have the latest version of Skype or Zoom – it’s free! (if you’d prefer to use a different video chat service, we can discuss that)
  • You have software that can read any .PDF files I send you (eg., Adobe Reader)
  • You have your guitar ready and tuned!

Lessons work a bit differently online compared to in person, but are still just as effective! Generally, it’s best if you let me know something specific you’d like to learn or work on beforehand and I can prepare a lesson around that. Maybe you want to to learn a specific song, or work on your strumming patterns, or learn some theory. Let me know and we’ll sort it out!

Currently, I am offering 30 minute lessons and my most recent pricing is listed below. Payment must be made in advance through PayPal. I will send you a link to pay once you have made a booking and we have agreed a time. Lesson fees are non-refundable

My current Skype lesson prices are:

30 minutes: £18.00

Private lessons (currently on hold)

  • My guitar lessons are customised for each student, and I have an approach which is designed to include your own musical interests as much as possible. Do you like recent chart hits or oldies? The Beatles and Stones? Or are you more into 1990′s alt-rock and indie? Acoustic ballads or electric rockers? We will use the kinds of songs you enjoy as learning tools!

  • The best way to learn guitar is to make it interesting specifically to you, so that you have the motivation to put in the practice. It’s no fun to play a sequence of random chords over and over, but if those chords make up the chorus to a song you enjoy, it doesn’t become work anymore.

  • I try to focus on the fun side of learning, while also teaching the more technical/theoretical side of things if you are interested. Lessons can last for 30 minutes or 1 hour, depending on what you would like.

  • My lessons are designed for beginners, or people with limited guitar knowledge who wish to improve. My focus is on getting you playing songs you enjoy, and therefore there is an emphasis on
      • learning chords
      • rhythm
      • ear training
      • understanding the layout of the fretboard.

    The idea is to give you a foundation upon which you can build on. Concepts such as a scales usually come later.

  • I will also teach you basic music theory, but will not bombard you with it! I design the lessons so that you learn technical skills and theory without realising, and then explain what has been happening once you have assimilated it.

My current lesson prices are:

30 minutes: £20.00
1 hour: £33.00