Guildford, Surrey



What ages do you teach?

My lessons are designed to suit teenagers and adults best, so I teach ages 11 and up.

Where do you teach from?

I have a teaching area set up at my home in Guildford, so I ask my students to come to me. If that's not convenient, we can also have lessons over Skype anywhere in the world!

What kind of guitar should I use?

As I teach rock and pop styles, the best guitars for this are either electric or steel-string acoustic guitars.

A lot of students bring nylon-string classical guitars to the lessons as these are often much cheaper. However, I do not recommend classical guitars for playing rock or pop music. They use strings which sound different from acoustic guitars, have a very different feel, and are designed to be played with the fingers instead a plectrum.  If you want to learn to play classical music then a classical guitar is great, but in my experience it will actually slow down your learning if you want to use it to play rock and pop music.

Do I need to bring anything?

Your own guitar and preferably a tuner and plectrum(s). Spare strings are useful too, just in case! You should also bring any sheets that we've previously worked on to each lesson, and a capo is always handy.

Can you teach me to play [insert favourite song here]?

Generally, yes! This is the most important part of my whole approach to teaching! If you bring a song to the lesson that you want to learn then we can explore it. If the song turns out to be above your current ability levels then we can figure out ways to simplify it.

What do you expect from me?

Mostly, to enjoy yourself. Playing music should always be about having fun! I'd hope to see you arrive for each lesson eager to tell me about something you'd like to work on.

But, I do expect you to practice. If you don’t practice in between lessons then you will make zero progress, and we will end up doing the same things over and over again. That's just boring for both of us. I will assign you songs and techniques to work on and provide you with sheets to use. You only need to do 15-30 minutes of practice a day to begin with. It’s important to do little and often, and not just do several hours once a week!

Can you teach me if I'm left-handed?

Yes, that's not an issue at all.

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